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Disposable Surgical Style Ear Loop Face Mask – 50 Count


Disposable Surgical Style Ear Loop Face Mask – 50 Count


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Disposable Surgical Ear Loop Face Masks provide a barrier between you and the air you breathe. These disposable masks minimize exposure to particles such as dust, pollen, and pollution. The near weightless design allows for comfortable wear during any activity.

The Disposable Surgical Style Ear Loop Face Masks offer premium construction, performance, and comfort. They feature three layers of Non-woven fabric to provide effective protection, a flexible nose piece to ensure a proper fit, and soft around the ear elastics for optimum comfort.

  • Three layers of isolation for effective protection
  • Anti-particulates, anti-Fog, and anti-Dust
  • Flexible nose piece for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Soft ear elastics for comfortable wearing
  • Effective dust and pollution filters

Directions For Use: 

  1. Before putting on the mask thoroughly clean and disinfect your hands
  2. Inspect mask to ensure that it is free from defects including, rips, tears, or broken elastics
  3. Position the mask so the blue side is facing outward
  4. Hold the mask by the elastics and loop over ear
  5. Secure the nose piece by gently pinching and pressing down on the nose strip with your fingers
  6. Pull on the bottom of the mask so it covers your mount and chin, and ensure a snug fit
  7. Replace mask if it gets soiled, damp, and after each use